The best prices for manipulator rental and cargo delivery in Yalta and along the Southern coast of Crimea

The best prices for manipulator rental and cargo delivery in Yalta and along the Southern coast of Crimea Are you building and need to transport construction materials? Are you planning to deliver the machine to another city? Choose the contractor correctly so that the transportation and delivery of goods in Yalta, Alushta, Sudak and other cities does not cost a pretty penny. The company "Architek" offers machines with a crane manipulator for rent. We work all over the southern coast of Crimea and guarantee:

  1. Timely delivery of special equipment to the facility.
  2. Serviceable transport. Excluded idleness of equipment, breakdowns on the road.
  3. Transportation at the agreed time and safety of the cargo.
  4. Loading/unloading in compliance with safety regulations.

On a note! We can not only load and unload cargo, but also transport it. You do not need to hire movers, contact a logistics company and order riggers. The savings are substantial!

You do not use extra pieces of equipment – you rent only one machine for transportation and loading and unloading. Our equipment combines a basic car and a crane-manipulator installation. This is not just structural features, it is primarily saving your money, time, as well as accelerated delivery of goods from Yalta to Alupka, Alushta, Sudak, etc.

We will load, unload, transport to any city on the coast!

The manipulators that we rent out in Yalta are universal in terms of the type of cargo transported. They are made based on a truck with a load capacity of up to 7 tons.The length of the loading platform is 6 meters. The lifting capacity of the crane varies from 1,5 to 3,1 tons. Crane manipulator in Yalta with hinged-articulated crane-manipulator installation. (Z-shaped) allows you to feed the goods directly into the small openings of the building without a device of remote platforms, and free provision of you rockets, which is always in the car, will allow you to transfer the goods on the floor to the place you need.

We load on the equipment:

  • Cabins, equipment, construction materials.
  • Cargo on pallets.
  • Small-sized loads, machine tools, logs.
  • Faulty cars, etc.

Our transport is successfully used not only in logistics, but also when performing installation work, in public utilities, in low-rise construction.

Important! The advantage of our manipulator cranes is not only in versatility. Another advantage: they are used to work in cramped conditions. There are often situations when the crane cannot be used. The main reason for this limitation is the large size of the structure. A worthy alternative to a crane is a crane-manipulator. You pay not for two pieces of equipment, but for one and also use it for delivery (in Yalta, Alushta and other cities of the Crimea, crane-manipulator installation has long been replaced by cranes in the segment up to 7-8 tons).

Why "Architek"?

We have favorable rates for renting a manipulator – businesses and individuals in Sudak, Yalta and other localities rent equipment at a cost of 2500 rubles per hour. You can pick up the machine for 2 hours or more. If the rental duration is more than 8 hours, we provide discounts. But that's not all:

  1. You do not pay for repair – maintenance, replacement of parts is done by us. We provide other equipment in a breakdown situation.
  2. You hire your specialist driver, in whom you are confident and who has been instructed based on your company.
  3. You can use the services of our driver operators.
  4. You can order an  excavator rental in Yalta

If the rental price depends on its duration, then we take into account the distance, cargo characteristics and other factors during delivery. Please read the rates in this section. Our prices are lower than the average market prices in Crimea – this was achieved thanks to an extensive fleet of special equipment and well-established work with orders.

The group of companies "Architek" LLC in Yalta works by bank transfer. You can also pay with a bank card in the driver's cab and receive a cash receipt upon completion of cargo transportation, rental of a crane manipulator in Yalta and on the territory of the Southern Coast of Crimea.

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