Do you need a high-quality floor screed at a bargain price?

If you are on this page, it means that your house construction or renovation has reached the stage when it is necessary to take care of high-quality leveling of the floor. Right? I think that you, like any resident of Crimea, will give your vote in favor of modern technologies, so I advise you to choose a semi-dry screed, which is performed using the latest equipment. The company "Architek" provides clients with a full range of construction works from the development of the project of buildings to the design of premises. Consequently, our specialists have sufficient experience in processing various types of surfaces.

About the advantages of mechanized floor screed

I will tell you about the main advantages of the described method, these are:

  • Fast hardening, which significantly reduces the entire technological process.
  • The absence of shrinkage cracks (due to the small amount of water used and the presence of polypropylene fiber in the composition).
  • Cleanliness of work (since the mechanized method of performing screed involves the preparation of a solution on the street, dust does not appear inside the room, and splashes do not form on the walls).
  • An excellent result is an immaculately smooth and durable surface.

For you to appreciate the advantages of a semi-dry screed, I suggest comparing it with a coating that requires the preparation of a liquid cement-sand mortar. The main disadvantages of a wet screed are:

  • Significant labor intensity of the process, since most of the operations are performed manually.
  • Long drying period.
  • Shrinkage, geometry change.
  • High probability of cracks.

As you can see, although the wet floor screed price differs in a smaller direction, it is characterized by greater labor intensity, especially when it comes to leveling the floor and roofs in large buildings. Therefore, to optimize the surface treatment in construction, a mechanized screed began to be used. In this case, when making a solution and laying it, a number of operational processes are shifted to machines. This type of floor screed is especially relevant in the Crimea, because it is in the resort areas that many boarding houses, hotels, fitness halls and other buildings with a large area are being built.

The procedure for performing screed machine

The proposed method of levelling the floor requires special equipment and appropriate qualifications. Therefore, mechanized screed in Crimea, as in any other region, is carried out exclusively by specialized construction companies. As a result, the customer receives a perfectly flat surface, ready for laying almost any material – from linoleum to tiles. This is the result guaranteed by the construction company "Architek" LLC, which provides services for semi-dry floor screed.

In our work we use the Putzmeister Mixokret M 740 pneumatic heater, manufactured in Germany. Everyone knows about German quality. It's time to get acquainted with the equally high quality of work on semi-dry floor screed in Crimea.

So, we level the floor in several stages:

  1. Preparation of the base the process of mechanized screed is preceded by covering the floor with a polyethylene film or a substrate of foamed polyethylene with the installation of a damping tape around the perimeter of the room.
  2. The level of the screed is marked with a special laser device.
  3. Preparation of a solution from components identical to the wet method. Kneading is carried out by our workers on the construction site before the start of work with the use of a pneumatic heater that performs the functions of a mixer and a concrete pump.
  4. The mixture is delivered to the installation site using thick and durable rubber hoses under the influence of compressed air. The uniformity of the solution distribution over the surface is controlled by the worker.
  5. The initial alignment of the solution is carried out by the rule immediately after laying.
  6. Grouting of the screed with a grinding machine is performed 2 hours after the previous stage. This treatment provides high-quality grout of the surface, eliminates voids and sinks, makes it denser.
  7. Marking of expansion joints is made after 3 hours after grout.
  8. Care of the hardening screed is required in the presence of drafts, direct sunlight, and excessive dryness of the air. In such cases, we cover the surface with a plastic film. At an air temperature of more than 22 ° C, which is considered a common occurrence for Crimea, we first moisten the screed made in a mechanized way, and only then cover it. After 1-2 days, we remove the film.

Don't know who to entrust the floor screed work in Crimea?

Feel free to contact us – "Architek"! We will do everything for you! And we also plaster the walls with a machine and we can putty the wallpaper. And later you will not have to worry about additional levelling of surfaces with the use of self-levelling mixtures or sheet materials, because thanks to the mechanization of screed work, you will get an excellent result. Therefore, you will not incur unnecessary expenses.

As you can see, a semi-dry screed has a higher price compared to a wet one, but this is compensated by its many advantages!

Полусухая стяжка пола в Крыму


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