Putty and wall painting in Crimea

Of course, the preparation of the walls and the application of the finishing coating are important stages of repair. This type of work is carried out after the construction of the house is completed. Durability, aesthetics of the entire interior decoration, and therefore your living conditions depend on the quality of the surfaces. Our construction organization with a huge experience in performing repairs, has repeatedly corrected the result of a hasty, unprofessional approach of «grief-masters». These are uneven walls, crooked corners, and finishing works thrown on the "halfway".

More often, wall putty in Crimea is ordered by the happy owners of new buildings and secondary housing, families who have decided to update the situation. They expect to hire a professional construction team, or even one person who will masterfully perform wall putty or painting in a short time, and at the same time will take inexpensive by the standards of Crimea. In the pursuit of economy, the golden rule is forgotten cheap does not mean quality. Trusting savings and square meters to "gobblers" or "hacks", you risk facing the fact that you will have to eliminate the consequences of their work at your own expense.

What to consider when choosing a contractor?

Getting as much information as possible about who you are going to hire in the end is a good way to avoid trouble. It is important to understand what kind of experience the builders have, and it is on wall putty for wallpaper or painting, which objects they repaired in Crimea, study the portfolio and reviews.

The availability and truthfulness of such information is a sign of openness and honesty, which forms the basis of correct and balanced decisions. That is why our website contains full information about the company, specialization (services), as well as a lot of photos of successfully implemented projects.

Why us?

Indeed, why should you choose us to perform your repairs? First of all, this is a significant experience (more than 12 years) of putty, plastering works on various objects of the Crimean Peninsula: apartments, shopping centers, offices with their own features of layouts, placement of communications, as well as various technical conditions of the premises. Look at our work, in each case, wall putty for wallpaper, as well as wall putty for painting, is done professionally, with knowledge of the matter, according to technology, with high quality.

Secondly, we always listen to our customers. Do it quickly? No question, let's speed up. To provide a finishing for a certain interior design , to pick up mixtures or paint? Let's do it! Perfect? We can do this! Well, and the third, very important. Putty and painting of walls in Crimea are carried out by the company "Architek" at very attractive prices:

  • wall putty — price 350 rubles./m2;
  • the price of wall painting – 150 rubles/m2.
  • Floor screed in Crimea - from 250 rubles/ m2

Given the long-term warranty on the work (5 years), you are absolutely protected from any risks.

Types of services that can (and should) be ordered from us

All organizations and individuals can use the services of "Architek". You can order the entire complex of finishing the premises or separately certain services:

  • Putty works. The repair area, the features of the premises, the timing and several other criteria determine how the task will be completed. In many cases, mechanized putty is used, which involves applying the mixture with special equipment. The process has a lot of advantages, among them the speed of processing walls, the uniformity of applying putty by machine, the convenience of a mechanized method.
  • Wall painting. If paint is selected as the finishing coating, then after the completion of the wall putty, we are ready to prepare them for painting, as well as the surface painting. The work can be carried out manually (if the area of the premises is insignificant), machine painting can also be carried out when it is most rational, taking into account the volume and complexity.

It is important to take into account that the putty of the walls requires the alignment of the surfaces in the most careful way. If the stage is performed incorrectly (the mixture is poorly selected, the preparation instructions are violated, the application technology is not followed, etc.), painting will only emphasize the irregularities. By entrusting the preparation of surfaces for painting and subsequent application of paint to our specialists, you will be able to completely eliminate the possibility of such an event.

Current prices for putty and wall painting

We offer you to get acquainted with the list of prices at which our company operates in Crimea. Knowing the area of the surfaces to be updated, by carrying out simple arithmetic calculations, you will be able to calculate how much mechanized painting and (or) wall putty will cost. We are also ready to independently calculate the cost of finishing according to your data, then providing information about the final amount that our work will cost.

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Шпаклевка и покраска стен и потолков в Крыму


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