Plastering of surfaces from the company Architek

The cost of plaster work includes the following items:

  • Priming the surface;
  • Installation and removal of beacons;
  • Installation of reinforcing corners;
  • Application of plaster;
  • Smoothing the surface.

How do we differ from other companies:

  • Free visit to the facility to compile a full estimate for work and materials;
  • Professional plasterers with more than 5 years of experience;
  • German high-end equipment;
  • All work is carried out in accordance with SNIP 3.04.01-87;
  • After our plaster, you do not need to putty the walls, you can glue wallpaper;
  • We work under a contract with a 3-year warranty;
  • After the work, we will collect all the garbage, leave the object clean (in bags).
  • We work without prepayment, we are confident in our quality.
  • We perform a semi-dry floor screed

Departure of a specialist to measure and budget for free within the southern coast of the Crimea.

Plastering of walls in Crimea is cheaper by machine!

What to do to get high-quality plastered walls, on which any material will lay, and after repairing it will not start to crumble and other problems will not appear? We believe that it should be a conscientious company engaged in plastering of walls in Crimea, in the state of which the real professionals of their business work.

Why the company Architek?:

  • We undertake work of any complexity.
  • We do not take prepayment. You pay the amount specified in the contract only after the inspection of the finished object.
  • Before starting the finishing work, you can order an interior design from our architects-designers.
  • During the repair we use professional German equipment.
  • We employ only professional teams of plasterers with many years of experience
  • At any time, convenient for you, our specialist will come to the facility for free to inspect the scope of work.
  • We will promptly prepare an estimate for you, where the price for plastering the walls by employees and separately for materials will be indicated.
  • We have been known in the construction industry since 2007, so we have many years of experience in carrying out repairs and construction.
  • Different taxation systems, including VAT.
  • We give a guarantee for the work performed, for a period of three years.
  • We’ll do all the work from start to finish, clean up the rest of the garbage.
  • We deliver the equipment to the facility at our own expense.

Yes, we do not have the lowest prices on the market, but companies with a lower price cannot guarantee quality and they are unlikely to take on complex objects. And we guarantee the high quality of the work carried out and in this case the price fully justifies them. We also take up the plaster of the walls when the deadlines are small. We are not afraid of any difficulties!

We will perform high-quality and fast plastering work!

When performing works with mechanized plastering of walls, the application speed automatically increases.This affects the number of materials used – a decrease from 16 kg per 1 sq.m to 13 kg. Since at least three layers are superimposed, the final difference is huge. And the total amount of work per shift is up to 150 sq.m.

Also, workers do not have to mix the mixture manually, the machine does it for them. The process is carried out in a constant mode, water and dry mixture are fed automatically to obtain a homogeneous high-quality solution. This has a positive effect on the appearance of the finish and the properties of the facade during operation – cracking and other types of damage to the appearance are excluded.

The uniform application of machine plaster allows the solution to dry at the same time. Currently, during manual labor, there is a "Dalmatian" effect, when the surface dries in parts. Because of this, joints and fluctuation of properties appear. Also, cracks often appear, on which another layer of putty is placed.

Mechanized putty makes the walls smooth, even, which eliminates the process of manual leveling.

How to contact us?

If you are interested in the service of mechanized plaster of the company Architek, you can contact us by ordering a callback. To do this, just enter your number in the field at the bottom of the page. Or call yourself at the specified number. We will call you back soon. Our specialists will answer all your questions about mechanized plaster regarding prices, deadlines, time of departure to the facility, etc.

Therefore, plastering works with us – are quality, reliability, a high level of responsibility and short deadlines. I believe that these parameters are what make us one of the best in our field, and years of work and hundreds of positive reviews confirm this.

And you can also rent an excavator from us!



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