Construction of individual residential buildings

  • When ordering a project in our organization, approval of the project in the Department of Architecture of the city administration, and assistance in obtaining a construction permit (preparation of documentation, filling in and filing a declaration) is free of charge.
  • During construction by our organization, the development of engineering network projects is not required, estimated calculations for the work are provided free of charge.
  • When designing a house and building by our organization, author’s supervision from the architect of the project is free of charge.

Our company is registered at the main federal tender sites and has the opportunity to participate in tender procedures in accordance with Federal Law 223-FZ and 44-FZ.

To determine the cost of construction works in Crimea, it is necessary to have project documentation, containing information about the design and technological solutions of the project. On the basis of the project documentation, an estimated calculation of the cost of construction and individual stages of construction is made, as well as labor costs and the duration of work are determined.

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Two centuries ago, only aristocrats could boast of a villa in Crimea. In the middle of the last century, the queue for permits to the southern coast of Crimea was lined up for several years ahead. But today you can easily fulfill this dream!

The company Architek has been building turnkey houses in Crimea since 2007. We offer a full range of services for the design, construction and finishing of individual construction projects. With us, your dreams come true!

What is the construction of turnkey houses

For an ordinary person, the term «turnkey» means «until the end of work». But at what stage can the construction of the house be considered completed? At the finishing stage or at the time of settlement? Let's understand in detail what exactly is included in the list.

  1. Purchase of a plot. This issue is usually decided by the customer. At this stage, our specialists help in consultation – you can carry out a large-scale construction not at every section of the treacherous Crimean mountains.
  2. Development of design and estimate documentation. In addition to the main architectural project, it includes the development of engineering networks, interior decoration design and calculation of all necessary land works.
  3. Approval of the project in urban planning authorities and obtaining a building permit. The volume of bureaucratic work can frighten an unprepared person. We get all the permits quickly and without modifications.
  4. Land works and foundation building. This stage is as important as it is difficult – most of the picturesque sites are extremely time-consuming to prepare, as the basis of the site are the rocks. It is also necessary to take into account the complexity of delivery of specialized equipment. That is why the construction of turnkey houses in Crimea is a little more expensive than in the central regions.
  5. Implementation of the architectural project. Turnkey construction of houses includes: the construction of walls, ceilings, roofs, as well as rough finishing of premises.
  6. Installation of engineering networks. We design and create water supply, electrification, heating, sewerage and sanitation systems ourselves. n remote areas, we traditionally offer customers autonomous life support systems – often, installing an in-house sewage treatment plant is much cheaper than installing pipes to municipal sewer networks.
  7. Facade works. Turnkey housing projects are developed taking into account the surrounding area. It is extremely important to accurately recreate the exquisite beauty of the facade, which will perfectly fit into the surrounding landscape.
  8. Interior decoration of premises. Performing the construction of turnkey houses, the price and characteristics of finishing materials are discussed separately. We offer the most effective and appropriate solutions for a particular location.
  9. Author's supervision. During the whole construction the quality and compliance of the work is monitored by the project developer. We guarantee: your new home is 100% up to the project and estimate.
  10. Landscaping. At the end of the main construction, we invite a team of landscapers, who quickly and inexpensively break up a fabulous garden or park area on the site.
  11. Project and obtaining a passport. After receiving the registration certificate and registering the house in the cadastre, you can not only live in it, but also make any legal transactions.

Why is it more profitable to build with us?

строительство индивидуальных жилых домов

If you hire several teams of workers – the final cost of all the work will be much higher. Because in this case you have to pay separately for each stage of construction, negotiate the rental of special equipment and organize the delivery of building materials. In this case, no one can guarantee you the quality of services and the objectivity of the price.

The construction of ready-made houses with Architek will cost you less. Because we have several qualified teams working on a permanent basis and an efficient logistics system. You just explain how you want to see your new house, and we ourselves select the optimal technologies and design solutions. As a result, you get guaranteed quality at a reasonable price.

Строительство под ключ в Крыму


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