Do you need an excavator?

If you are planning to build a house, develop soil, dig trenches or ditch and other earthmoving work, you will need special equipment. It is unlikely that you will come up with the idea to buy it, so there is only one solution – rent.

Everyone who is going to rent something studies the offers, choosing the best option "price – quality – benefit". If you have visited our website, further searches for profitable offers can be stopped.

Why? I’ll explain it:

  • The rent is provided by excavators English build 2020-2021 years of release. The latest technology of European quality – few can offer.
  • One tractor, with the help of attachments performing earthmoving, loading and unloading, transportation, compacting the soil functions – this is not 3-4 units of special equipment for you to order.
  • Hydraulic hammers, various buckets, vibrating plate, universal forks, drilling units are quickly changed with the help of a removable carriage, thanks to which different types of work are consistently performed on the same object.
  • The equipment is operated by professional machinists of the 6th category with 15 years of experience. Who knows better the capabilities and manoeuvrability of equipment than a specialist who constantly works on it?
  • Work is done at any time convenient for you (24 hours, no holidays).
  • We work with individuals, with public and private enterprises.
  • We have adequate prices and a flexible system of discounts.
  • We deliver the equipment to the customer's facility quickly, regardless of the distance: Foros, Yalta, Alupka, Gurzuf or Sudak.
  • We constantly monitor the condition of vehicles, therefore, serviceable equipment thatis ready to perform the assigned tasks goes to the facility.

Advantages of the backhoe loader

The company Architek has JCB and Caterpillar excavating equipment, which is distinguished by unsurpassed quality, efficiency and the availability of useful additions. Creating backhoe loaders after 2020, the designers applied the latest technologies that allowed them to obtain more productive and economical special equipment. Therefore, these brands are among the best in their class:

Following the folk wisdom "we are not rich enough to buy cheap machines", our company acquires expensive, but the highest quality and productive equipment. Using it in the construction of houses and cottages, we have seen from our own experience the correctness of the choice. Using an excavator on difficult soils of Alushta, Gaspra, Simeiz and other Crimean cities, we saved our own money and time.

What tasks can a backhoe loader do in 1 machine shift:

  • Using the front bucket, you can dig a pit or trench with a volume of up to 500 m3;
  • Load from 10 dump trucks;
  • With the help of universal forks, move cargo weighing up to 2 tons;
  • Mount several 2-meter reinforced concrete rings (during the construction of wells);
  • With a hydraulic hammer weighing 330 kg and an impact energy of 1393 J. splitting rocks and concrete pavement will not be a problem
  • With a vibrating plate with a compaction force of 3000 kg. seal the soil (including under a slope) to the maximum possible density of 95%.

How to order special equipment from the company "Architek"?

Our company has been working in the construction industry for more than 10 years. During this time, we have accumulated a rich experience of mutually beneficial cooperation with customers, earned a reputation as reliable partners. Therefore, we offer our customers the best on favorable terms:

  • The application is considered within one hour;
  • Delivery of equipment to the specified address on time;
  • We offer convenient and profitable rental options: hourly (minimum – 4 hours), shift (from 2 shifts), weekly and monthly;
  • We work around the clock, in 2 shifts, if necessary - on holidays (by special calculation);

You can pay for our equipment rental services in cash, by bank card or by bank transfer.

You can also order a manipulator in Yalta, or a floor screed in Crimea

Well, have I convinced you that you don't need to look for a better offer?
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